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Building back with justice

Christian Aid is bringing justice to the fore in 2021, campaigning for the post-Covid world to be a better place than the one we left behind last March.

Covid-19 has hit developing countries hardest, exposing and exaggerating inequalities that have been suffered for too long. In their report, Building back with justice: dismantling inequalities after Covid-19, Christian Aid show us the many ways that injustice currently prevails, and how Covid has made things worse. But they also point to ways to change, building back a different, better world.

And we can all be a part of this movement. To learn more, head over to the Christian Aid website, where there are articles to read, and questions to ponder. In particular:

  • How can we build back after coronavirus? And how can we take this chance to build a world with justice at its heart?

  • How do we embody the values of Christ’s kingdom? And how can we use this opportunity to mend an already broken world?

  • What is our role as Christians and as the church?

The report is a long read, but a really worthwhile one. Here's a link directly to it.

Will we make 2021 a year that we commit, together, to building back better for all the world's people?

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