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Show The Love

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Sustainable Strathspey are encouraging us all to Show the Love this February.

Show the Love is a campaign of the Climate Coalition to encourage us all to be part of urgent action to tackle climate change. Little green hearts are a symbol of a better world, and we'll be setting up a display in the YMCA during February to help inspire the whole community.

To take part, just make your own green heart. It can be just cut out of green paper, or made from a pom pom, modelled from papier mache, or anything else you'd like. You can get some great craft ideas here.

Pop your green heart with your commitment into the YMCA on 1st February between 10 and 11am, when Claire will be there to receive them, or any time that Fiona's Wholefoods and Refills is open (Wed 10-4, Fri 10-4.30, Sat 9-12.30).

You can also write to your MSP, MP, or even the First Minister and Prime Minister to tell them what you're doing to help combat climate change, and asking them to take the problem seriously. Here's a postcard to download, print, fill in and send.

Download PDF • 1.26MB

We are called to care for the Earth and for one another, including for the poorest of the Earth most vulnerable to climate change, for the beauty and diversity of species created by our loving God, and for future generations.

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