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Weekly news - Sunday 1 November

Hello everyone,

Things got a bit stormy and so I was forced back inside for the first time in months to record this week's service.  You can watch, listen to or read it at your leisure, thinking about Elijah and the Widow and how, even though things look bleak, God brings life to them and through them.  A great story and one that can inspire us today.  And when you do, know that we worship together, even from our own homes.

This Wednesday's in-person worship moves to Dulnain Bridge church at 2pm.  To book a place, please drop me a line or call, and remember to wrap up warm for this short time of prayer and reflection.

Next Sunday is Remembrance Sunday but this year will have to be very different from the past.  There will be no services in our churches, and nor will there be acts of remembrance at our memorials next Sunday.  Instead, we will have a special online service of remembrance available on Youtube, Facebook and our website.  And each of us are encouraged to stand in our doorways at 11am for two minutes silence.  Or Armistice Day itself, there will be short acts of remembrance, and laying of wreaths, at each of the four memorials in our parishes, but these will be private and we are asked not to attend in person.  Again, standing where you are at 11am and marking a time of silence is something we can all do.

As a community, we can still pay our respects and remember each of the people whose names mark our memorials.  At each, feel free at any point in the days running up to the 11th, to stop and pay your own tribute, laying a poppy cross or small stone there.  It may not be the big community event that we are used to, but just as poignant and powerful if we continue to remember, each in our own way.  Remember, too, to give to the work of Poppy Scotland, if you can, at any of the tins in shops across the parishes.

Eco-Congregation Scotland and Christian Aid are just two organisations supporting Build Back Better, a campaign for a just and green recovery.  Next week sees a Virtual Lobby of MSPs and all are encouraged to take part.  To sign up and learn more about the lobby here, or add your name to the thousands already asking for a better future here.

The c-word isn't far away!  Christmas is only 8 weeks and, although it will be very different, we are starting to think about how we can worship and celebrate the greatest gift of love the world has ever seen.  In particularly, dark times, it's more important than ever to hold out the Christ light to each other.  We're being encouraged to spread out any Christmas shopping to limit crowds, and to spend our time and money locally.  But we can also support some of the charities that support those in most need around the world.  You can get Christmas cards and gifts through Crossreach and Traidcraft online, and I'll but putting in a Traidcraft order on Monday 9th November if you'd like to support their work.

Although things are difficult just now, and much of the news is bleak, please know that Christ journeys with us every step of the way.  May you know his blessing in the week ahead.

Love, Gordon.

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