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Strathspey Kirks


“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]

The linked parishes of Cromdale & Advie and Grantown & Dulnain Bridge

Welcome to the Strathspey Kirks website - the Church of Scotland in and around Grantown-on-Spey in the Scottish Highlands.  Our mission is to care for the people of our communities and encourage an active faith in Jesus Christ.

We worship together on Sundays at our local churches and would love you to join us at

Cromdale & Advie Church

Cromdale & Advie Parish Church

Inverallan Church

Grantown & Dulnain Parish Church (Inverallan)

Click on image for more information and how to find our churches

A vision for church and community

Inverallan 20/20 is a vision to breathe new life into Inverallan Church, with open and flexible spaces, catering facilities, meeting rooms and much more. 

Inverallan 20/20 logo
We are currently without a minister. We have a Nominating Committee in place and hopefully we will  be able to call a new minister soon.

Use the contact details below should you need to get in touch.
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