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Inverallan 20/20

The background to our project

Inverallan Church was opened for worship in 1886.  Since then there have been some internal changes to the building, but faced with rising maintenance costs and the different needs of modern day church goers, the congregation is keenly aware that the time has come when new ideas of how our church fits into, and serves, our community must be put into place.

Conceived in early 2017, the Inverallan 20/20 project aims to redevelop our wonderful building to become a place of worship suitable for the 21st century whilst also meeting identified needs within the wider community.

A feasibility study produced concept plans (shown earlier on this website) which showed what sort of exciting change was possible, and we are now well advanced with a development phase during which revised and costed plans, based on initial community consultations, have been produced.

These plans can be seen below, and we are currently consulting with local (and national) organisations, as well as individuals  to see how these plans meet recognised requirements.  Your views would be welcome too!

Partnerships with various bodies are being developed, funding opportunities are being investigated, and the plans you see below will be further refined as a result of these ongoing discussions. 

Some of the questions you might like to consider when thinking of the suitability of our plans might be:

  • What does Grantown and the wider area need from its public buildings?

  • How can Inverallan Church serve some of those needs?

  • What is important to preserve and what could be changed?

  • How can locals and tourists alike enjoy Grantown’s built heritage?

  • Are there projects or activities you’d like to see happening in Inverallan?

Remember always that our aim is not to compete with, but to complement, existing providers of space and services.  We see our place probably as being largely a provider of an excellent large facility for concerts and conferences etc, and an accessible venue where disadvantaged or hard to reach groups might find their needs being met.   Of course our primary function will always be as a place of worship and our intention is that the versatility of the finished building will allow many types of activity to take place in comfort in a warm and welcoming environment.

We have been successful in securing £35,000 of funding from LEADER, and a £5,000 grant from the National Park. This, together with some £58,000 of the funds we have raised ourselves since the project began, is what has allowed us to engage an architect-led Design Team.  and a Development Consultant team.  These two teams will work together and alongside our own 20/20 group to complete the plans for our building and further develop our community activities and partnerships to bring Inverallan 20/20 to the start of its final (delivery) stage. The congregation and the local community will continue to be fully involved in these vital development activities.

Our local fundraising will continue, and we are enormously grateful to all who have given, and who continue to give, their support in their donations and their help in our fundraising activities.

We’d love to hear what you think.  If you can help with time or expertise or by way of donation or regular giving, please contact John Wilson, convener of Inverallan 20/20 on 01479 872672 or

You can donate online to 20/20, by following this link

This project is being part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community (Cairngorms Local Action Group) LEADER 2014-2020 programme

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